Howell Middle School South TSA

Learning to be a Leader in a Technical World

Congratulations Howell Middle School South TSA!

Great Job at our New Jersey STATE Conference at


The College of New Jersey on April 22nd.

You had a wonderful day of learning to live in a technical world!  

YOU represented our school with such wonderful character and are outstanding 

role models. 

Dallas, Texas here we come! Nationals will take place on June 28th through July 2nd!


States Wrap-Up:

3rd Agriculture and Biotechnology Design

2nd Chapter Team

2nd Dragster

3rd Dragster

3rd Website Design

TSA will be selling Lollypops at our Student-Faculty Basketball Game on February 19th at Middle School North to raise money for the American Cancer Society & Alex's Lemonade!

Our TSA students participated in a T-Shirt challenge slogan campaign! 
Nicholas came up with our Campaign Slogan! Way to Go!

Gingerbread House Holiday Challenge

TSA students worked in teams to build a house using their communication skills.

The Husky TSA chapter is kicking 


campaign during lunch periods 

beginning December 11th.  Bring

your spare change and help us 

raise money for the American 

Cancer Society!  Your Husky 

generosity is much 

appreciated!  Thank you!

On November 25th, the Howell South TSA executive board attended the New Jersey TSA Leadership conference at The College of New Jersey.  Over 30 high schools and middle schools attended the conference.  Our executive board got to participate in the Escape to Alcatraz design challenge where they had to build a raft that would propel quickly in the water to carry escape inmates.  Our students worked diligently and had a great time trying to come up with an effective design.  

Next, the executive board split up into leadership groups sharing and learning about ways to make their chapter stronger.  They were able to meet so many students from all over the state.  The Husky TSA students enjoyed watching the State Executive Board lead the conference and came back to school with great ideas to share with the rest of the Husky TSA chapter.  

October 14, 2014

If you missed today's TSA meeting, visit Google classroom for the agenda, handouts and challenge for the week.   Using the state rubric for Communication Challenge, we have our own challenge.  Top 10 places with recognition to the top 3 to be determined at the next TSA meeting. You got to be in it to win it!

Projects were reviewed.  Continue to visit the national TSA website to become more familiar with the projects.


A huge welcome to all the new members of Howell South TSA chapter!    We are in for another fun-filled year of learning to live in a technological world!

At our first meeting, the Marshmallow Design Challenge broke the ice and students put their engineering skills into gear.